It is with pleasure that Scossacar Service & Limousine presents you a new project: medium and long-term car, motorcycle and van rental, the right alternative to buying a vehicle! With the fixed fee you save immediately because all the accessory costs are included in the price and you always know how much you spend and you can plan all your expenses. You can drive your car without worries, you are relieved of all the paperwork and the thought of maintenance. For companies and professionals, the fee and VAT can be deducted according to current legislation.


We provide our customers with medium-term car, motorcycle and van rental, suitable for companies and professionals, but also for individuals! Medium-term rental is designed for those who need a replacement car from 9 to 24 months. Our fleet is designed for all flexible mobility needs, for those who need cars available quickly and ready for delivery. For medium-term rental, the payment of the monthly fee is made only by credit card, no financial study, 2 advance deposits are required which will be returned at the end of the rental.

Insurance - road tax - tire change - replacement car
roadside assistance - ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

After 8 months, the vehicle is replaced with a vehicle of the same category giving preference to the customer's request on the type of car, to give a new vehicle that is always efficient!
Choose the best class that will be suits for your need.


We reserve for our customers the best alternative to buying or leasing a car or van: long-term rental. This type of rental is aimed at all customers, private or with VAT number: monthly fee including fire, theft, kasko and RCA. The redemption of the car is not mandatory! The duration of the contract can vary from 12 to 60 months, with or without advance, the amount of the monthly payment varies according to the mileage, the duration of the contract, make and model of the vehicle. We also give our customers the opportunity to configure the car of their dreams directly from the car manufacturer's website. Just tell us the configuration code and we will send you a quote for your car

Insurance - road tax - roadside assistance
ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance


Contact us and request a quote for your rental
A car became the article
of the clothing without which we feel naked,
indefinite and incomplete in urban complication.
Marshall McLuhan