Do not miss the opportunity of visiting the many beautiful cities and town within easy reach of Rome


NapoliNaples is just one of a kind city. Its genuine and welcoming people will make your visit memorable.
Our drivers will be happy to take you to the most iconic places of this incredibly lively city. Start with the Gesù Nuovo (New Jesus) church with its frescoes, ranging from Renaissance to Baroque. The building towers on the namesake square that also includes the Obelisk of the Immaculate and the basilica of Santa Chiara.
The itinerary goes all the way down to the Bourbons' Royal Palace flanked by the great colonnade of Piazza del Plebiscito whose apex is the Pantheon-like church of San Francesco di Paola.
Not far from Naples the unique archaeological sites of Herculaneum and Pompeii lie as unchanging witnesses of the disastrous eruption of 79 a.D. One can mistakenly think the once you see one you've seen both. As a matter of fact the former was flooded by rivers of mud whilst the latter was covered in volcanic ashes. What the mud destroyed, the ashes did not and viceversa. And the casts of bodies of suffocated people in Pompeii are horrific but very interesting.
Eventually Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, part of Unesco World Heritage. Once there you will feel like on a balcony, overlooking a part of paradise, immersed in a symphony of colours and scents. Architecture, sea and landscapes, churches, convents, giant citruses, polychromous tiles. Just magic!
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FirenzeThe city of Reinassance, the city of all fine arts. The court of Medici, the genius of Michelangelo, of Rafael, Donatello, Giotto…you name it and we've got it.
Let's start with the best viewpoint in Florence - Piazzale Michelangelo - overlooking its whole magnificence.
And now let's go down in the heart of this town for a close up of its monuments: the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Giotto Tower, the Baptistery, Palazzo Vecchio, Santa Croce, the Uffizi Gallery, the Accademia, safeguarding the original Michelangelo's  masterpiece: the Davide. And then Ponte Vecchio with its old goldsmiths…
Impossible to miss the chance of a gourmet lunch based on Tuscan food and Chianti wine.
The motto: Art, Food and Fashion (at signature shops, boutiques or outlets!).


SienaWelcome to Siena: a small Tuscan jewel box full of culture, fine arts and enchantment. Worldwide renowned for its Palio (historical bareback horse race), it's been included, in 1995, in the Unesco World Heritage. Taking a walk along the small alleys, the final destination, like a funnel, is the wonderful shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, the heart of the town, where the Palio and everything else takes place. Look up and above the crenellation of the Public Palace (the medieval town hall) your eyes will admire the slim yet imposing tower, called Torre del Mangia.
Then, just indulge yourselves strolling amid the small streets full of colourful shops. And do not forget to pay a visit at one of the numerous restaurants to taste the best Italian meat - Chianina - made to perfection. As well as the typical Pici pasta and panforte (a unique cake).


AssisiCan't miss the small town of Orvieto, nestled on a flat hilltop, with its gothic cathedral, visible from distance, marked by an exquisite rose on its façade.
After this, move to the other end of the town - just 5 minutes away - to go down the St. Patrick's well, a masterpiece of engineering and mystery. The legend says that Jesus Christ himself had told St. Patrick to show the well to the unfaithful, as a preview of the hell.
There are two independent helicoidal staircases, one on top of the other, with no chance for people going up to see those going down, with two different entrances. Then proceed to Assisi, starting with the first St. Francis's church, the Porziuncola - meaning "the little particle" due to its small size -which is now embedded in the magnificent Santa Maria degli Angeli's basilica. Let's then go up the upper town with its magnificent basilicas, one dedicated to St. Francis and the other to Santa Chiara.


TivoliVisit of Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este in Tivoli with private transfer from Rome.
With this tour we will be able to admire Tivoli, a small and ancient town east of Rome full of interesting architectural masterpieces and home to the important villas so distant in time yet so beautiful and of absolute value: Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este.
On board a comfortable and elegant car with private driver you will have the opportunity to admire the panorama of the typical Roman countryside until you reach the first stop of our tour: Villa D'Este, famous for its gardens and fountains, for its centuries-old trees and for the panoramic views it offers. The villa, a magnificent Renaissance domus of the Cardinal d'Este, is a masterpiece of art from the 16th century and still maintains the splendor and pomp that made it famous today.
Completed the first visit we will move to the second villa, the residence par excellence of the Roman emperor Hadrian. Walking through the still intact beauties of its vast area, you will be able to immerse yourself in Roman history and appreciate its imposing architecture (more like a small city than a villa).
The Pecile (a faithful reconstruction of an ancient Athens portico), the Naval Theater, the great Baths, the Canpus (a faithful reproduction of an Egyptian sanctuary) and the Museum with precious objects found during excavations (including a copy of the Amazons of Phidias), are just some of the splendid attractions in the villa. At the end of the second stage, our driver will comfortably accompany you to Rome.


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