Scossacar Service & Limousine continues to work even during the COVID-19 emergency without evading our public service duty, adopting all the security measures imposed by the Italian government.
We guarantee all necessary precautions for the protection of our customers.
  • All cars are subjected to sanitizing treatment with OZONE, the driver will also disinfect the external handles before and after each service.
  • On board all cars our customers will find comfortable personal kits with disposable packages (surgical mask, gloves and hand sanitizing gel).
  • All our drivers wear protective equipment (gloves and mask).
  • With the Coronavirus emergency, a maximum of two passengers are allowed on board, who must compulsorily sit in the rear seats wearing personal protective equipment.
  • In cars approved for the transport of six or more passengers, there cannot be more than two passengers per row of seats.

If you have to move for any needs (working, family, travel, health) do it safely, on board of our cars.